Nightmare in London: A Dangerous Experience of an 18-year-old Kidnapped Student

By Titie

Everyone wants to live a peaceful life, but all kinds of dangers are unavoidable in this evil and corrupt age. What should we do when we are in danger? Who can deliver us from dire peril? Everyone is seeking the answers. Thank God! From my experience, I realized that everything is commanded by God Himself, the unique One who created all things. When disaster comes upon us, as long as we rely on and pray to God sincerely, God will deliver us from evil.

When I was 18, I came to London to study alone. One night, my classmate invited me to dine out. It was already 11:30pm when we finished eating. My classmate offered to take me home, but I politely refused because I thought the restaurant was not far from my home and I could take a night bus. However, the buses still did not arrive after I waited at the station for an hour. Moreover, it began to rain lightly at that time. The pedestrians and the cars became less and less. When I thought of the poor public order of this area and the knifepoint robbery that had once occurred in this area, I could not help but feel afraid of encountering bad people. At that moment, I really regretted going out at night.

Just then a taxi stopped before me. The driver rolled down the window and asked about my situation. He told me that the buses were on strike and he could drive me home. Although it was a regular taxi, I hesitated, fearing that it might be dangerous for a girl to take a ride in a male driver’s car in the late night. Looking around, I found all the stores were closed and that no cars were driving by. Moreover, the rain was falling and I was shivering in the cold air. I had no choice but to get in the taxi.

Sitting in the car, I felt disturbed. I watched the road through the window from time to time and saw the driver from the corner of my eyes. Seeing the unfamiliar scenes outside the window, I realized something was wrong. Especially when the car was passing by mountainous roads, I was stunned because it was not the way to my home. At that time, I was so scared and kept thinking about the murder cases in the news…. I dared not go on thinking about it. I implored him in a trembling voice, “This direction is wrong. I live in XX Block, could you take me home? …” The driver looked so cold and didn’t say a word. He stared straight ahead and kept driving. His silence made me more afraid. I plastered myself to the car door and tried to open the door, but the door had been locked. The car was speeding along the road and I was like a lamb to be killed at that time. The only thing I could do was pray to God continuously and implore God to help me.

At that moment, the car suddenly stopped and the driver switched the engine off. I looked around and noticed that we were in a car park. Everywhere was dark and no one was around, only the headlights were on. I thought I was in great trouble, I was scared and cried and begged the driver to drive me home. But he said nothing throughout. I held the handle of the car door in a tight grip, but the door would not open. At that time, the scenes of previous murder cases flashed through my mind continuously. I realized that I bumped into a bad person.

The driver turned to look at me. His eyes glittered with cold light as he gradually approached me. His half smile and evil expression made his fierce face look colder and more savage. I plastered myself to the car door with fear, hoping to escape. I kept crying out in my heart, “I am a believer in God, I am a believer in God …” Seeing he was nearly getting on top of me, I found that he was miraculously dragged back to his seat and then involuntarily got the car started. The car started up before I reacted. I knew it was God who had saved me at that moment, because man’s heart and spirit are held in God’s hand and the thoughts of man change according to God’s thoughts. When the driver wanted to hurt me, God simply, through His thoughts, halted the driver’s tendency to do evil. Just as it says in the Bible: “The king’s heart is in the hand of Jehovah, as the rivers of water: he turns it wherever he will” (Proverbs 21:1). I silently thanked God in my heart!

I didn’t know what would happen next, but I knew God is my only reliance. I constantly prayed to God …

I kept looking out of the window, and I didn’t know how much time had passed before I saw the familiar street. The taxi finally stopped at the gate of my accommodation and the taxi’s door opened. I heaved a sigh of relief and hastily got out of the car. I ran back to my room like I was fleeing for my life and then locked the door. I hid in my room and breathed easily when I witnessed his car leaving. That was close! Thank God for His protection! Thank God for saving me from evil!

The rain was still falling and the street light was dim. I lay on the bed and could not fall asleep for a long time. I was wondering: How many people will encounter danger in the world every day? How many will die of a tragic death? How many can be saved from danger like me?

A few days later, according to the newspaper, a model was found dead in a gutter near my home. I remembered my experience on that rainy night. If not for God’s protection, on that dark evening, I might have had my life ended far from home in a foreign country or even suffered a violation that could ruin my life.

Thank God! Through my personal experience, I have seen that God dominates and controls all things. When we are in danger, God will save us from evil as long as we pray to Him. As it says in the Bible: “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1).

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