A Rescue From Under a Speeding Farm Tricycle

By Xiaoxin

I am a Christian. Thinking back to my lifetime of frustrations, I have enjoyed so much grace and protection from the Lord. There is one experience I can never forget. At that time, I was almost killed by my farm tricycle. It was the Lord’s almightiness that protected me and delivered me from death.
It was a summer. One day, when I was driving my farm motor tricycle and moving on a slope, about 500 meters long on the east side of a river, suddenly, my tricycle went out of control, and without even waiting for my response, I was thrown in front of my speeding tricycle. Even more incredible was that where I fell was directly in front of it. At that time, it was moving down from the slope crest, that is, it was rapidly rushing from east to west. Because I was thrown headfirst, and I had no time to escape due to the rapid speed of it, my feet were pushed by it and thus I did half a backward roll. Next second, I was dragged under it. Seeing one of its rear wheels was only about 10 centimeters away from my head, I was so scared that my heart was in my mouth, and my mind went blank. I thought, “My tricycle will be destroyed and I’ll die.” Just at this critical moment, I remembered only the Lord could save me from danger, so I couldn’t help but cry out to Him, “Lord! O Lord! Please save me!” Fortunately, my mind became very clear, so I tightly clutched my tricycle chassis with both hands. My whole body was being dragged forward, and my head was about to be crushed by my tricycle, so I realized that death was closing in on me. In my despair, all I could do was desperately cry out to the Lord, begging Him to save me.
Luckily, there wasn’t a single car on the slope. However, because it was downhill, my tricycle still dragged me and kept rapidly rushing down the slope. At that moment, I thought: “Oh! I’ll be finished! Even if my head won’t be crushed, my tricycle and I will fall off the bridge and in the end my tricycle will be destroyed and I will die. Now I have to resign myself to fate!” I ceaselessly called to the Lord to save me. Just when my tricycle and I reached the edge of the north of the bridge and were close to fall, a miracle occurred. My tricycle which rushed all the way suddenly and obediently stopped at the edge of the bridge, as if it had gotten some orders. At that moment, I immediately realized that this was the Lord listening to my prayers, protecting me and saving my life. I felt so excited that I couldn’t help but murmur to myself, “The Lord is really a true and living God. There isn’t a single moment that He is not by my side, protecting me.” In that moment, I thought of the following words, “If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; Even there shall Your hand lead me, and Your right hand shall hold me” (Psalm 139: 9–10). Yes! Wherever I am, even if I am in harsh environments, as long as I sincerely rely on the Lord and do not lose faith, I will gain His care and protection, and see His wondrous deeds. The Lord is really too almighty …
At that time, I was dragged 50 meters, and the back of my new jean jacket was torn in two, but I was unscathed. I knew this was God saving me from danger and keeping me alive. After my tricycle stopped, I, who was still in shock, slowly crawled out from under it. I calmed myself down for five or six minutes, and then staggered toward the edge of the bridge to see where my tricycle stopped. At first glance, I was stunned. My rear tires were only 30 centimeters away from the edge of the bridge. If they had slipped a little farther, the outcome would have been terrible. The pit under the bridge was dozens of meters deep. Once my tricycle and I fell into it, my tricycle would surely be destroyed and I would surely die. I thought to myself, “That was close! If the Lord hadn’t used His almighty hands to support me, I would have died!”
Seeing me alive, the people and drivers on the road ran to me in twos and threes. And some of them said, “That was close! So dangerous! Look, the pit is so deep and there is full of big stones in it which were washed down by mountain torrents. We were really worried about you and so scared that the sweat beaded up on our foreheads.” “It was so terrible! We couldn’t stop your tricycle and so had no choice but to stand by and watch. It really terrified us. How do you feel now? Do a little stretching and feel where it hurts.”
After hearing this, I stretched my arms and legs slowly. I found that aside from feeling a little tightness in my chest, I wasn’t injured at all and did not even have a scrape on me. Looking at their worried eyes, I said to them, “Thank you for your concern. I’m fine! I am a believer in the Lord Jesus, and it was the Lord that saved me. Thank the Lord!”
Though the horrible scene had passed away, my heart didn’t completely calm down. I really didn’t know which method I should use to express my feeling of gratitude toward the Lord Jesus. I remembered the words in Psalm: “They shall bear you up in their hands, lest you dash your foot against a stone” (Psalm 91:12). Thinking of this, I was so excited that my eyes filled with hot tears. It was the Lord that protected and watched over me, and it was His mighty hand that saved me from the valley of the shadow of death. Then, I started my tricycle and got back on the road. Sitting on it, I still couldn’t completely dare to believe that just a few minutes ago, I came back from being mostly dead. One minute my tricycle was careering, and the next, unexpectedly it stopped in a twinkle. If I hadn’t personally experienced this, I wouldn’t have believed that a driverless tricycle could suddenly stop on a downward slope, and that I was dragged 50 meters by my speeding tricycle but was unscathed. All these were really manifestations of the authority of the Lord!
The Bible says, “But the very hairs of your head are all numbered” (Matthew 10:30). Indeed. Our lives are in the Lord’s hands, and without His permission, we will not lose even a single hair. The Lord is really the almighty and one true God who has mankind’s fate in His hands and bestows life on people. It was the Lord that saved me from the verge of death and gave me this chance at life. Great thanks be to the Lord! I’ll dedicate myself completely to the Lord and no longer live for my flesh. From now on, no matter whether the circumstances are favorable or adverse, I will take up my cross to follow the Lord to the end of the road, fulfill my responsibilities for the Lord’s gospel work, and be loyal to the Lord until the very end on the road to the heavenly kingdom.


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