A Testimony to Being Graced by the Lord: By Praying and Relying on the Lord, My Children Escaped Danger

By Chongxin

Jehovah God said, “You called in trouble, and I delivered you” (Psalm 81:7). God is indeed faithful. I believe every one of the Lord’s followers can feel confirmation about this. I am no exception.

I Began to Trust in the Lord in a Sudden Disaster

I remembered that, it was a rainy day when my mother took my elder daughter, just over two years old, to my sister’s home. Unexpectedly, on their way a boy crashed his bicycle into my daughter, which left a one-inch-long wound in her head. Blood started pouring out right away, the clothes on her chest became red with blood, and her ears were filled with it. It happened that my brother was passing by and he took my daughter to the county hospital. The following day, the moment I got the news I rushed to the hospital. I saw my daughter’s face was swollen up like a balloon and was yellowed, completely bloodless. Her deep wound was next to her eyes and after having four stitches she was unable to open her eyes. As I saw my daughter suffering so greatly at such a young age, my heart was in such inexpressible pain that I cried.

Before long that boy’s parents, believers in the Lord, came to the hospital to see my daughter. When seeing me so worried, they said to me, “Everything comes from God, so does man’s life. As long as we believe in and rely on the Lord, the child will escape danger.” Hearing them say this, I felt like I had just caught hold of a lifeline and so agreed to believe in the Lord. On that very day, they took me to meet their pastor, who prayed for me and fellowshiped with me. They talked about many Bible verses about God’s love for man and examples of Christians’ receiving God’s grace. Hearing all this, I was deeply moved and from that time on, I formally believed in the Lord.

Though my daughter’s wound was serious, thanks to the Lord’s power, she did not cry during her treatment and her wound healed very quickly. In just three days, she could open her eyes and the swelling on her face almost subsided; after staying in the hospital for about ten days, she was discharged. Seeing her quick recovery, I deeply knew that this was the Lord’s wondrous protection and my heart was filled with gratitude. From then on, I started to rely on the Lord in all my home matters, both big and small.

God’s Love Was With Us in Peril

Late one night my younger daughter suddenly got a high fever and she kept crying no matter how I tried to soothe her. Then I prayed to the Lord and entrusted my daughter over to Him. After that, she gradually stopped crying and fell asleep; her high fever slowly receded. After breakfast the following morning, I still felt worried and so hurriedly took my daughter to a clinic. After taking the temperature of my daughter, the doctor there said that she was still a bit feverish and then gave her an injection to reduce the fever. Then we left the clinic and when I rode my bicycle 500 meters, my daughter sitting before me suddenly stretched her legs and tilted her head. Seeing this, I did not think much of it, thinking that she fell asleep. But then I got worried the money in her hand would drop carelessly, so I got off my bicycle to take it. To my surprise, I saw that my daughter was purple-faced and that her eyes were rolling back. This gave me a sudden shock and I wondered, “What’s the matter with my daughter?” I hurriedly called to her but there was no response. This left me even more anxious and straight away I parked my bicycle and carried her down. I kept calling to her but no matter how I tried, she did not respond. I became so anxious that I began to cry. I put my trembling hand to her nostrils, only to find she was actually not breathing. The scene before me scared me to death and I instantly fell limply on the ground. I thought, “Just now my daughter was fine. Now how come she’s become like this?” I couldn’t accept the fact before me and kept massaging her neck and chest, wanting her breath to be revived. But no matter how I tried, it was all to no avail and my daughter still did not react at all. I thought, “What’s going on here? Can it be that the doctor injected wrong liquid medicine? I heard this can endanger man’s life. What should I do? …” Just as I felt flustered and helpless, I thought of the Lord and I then prayed to Him, “O Lord, my daughter’s life is in Your hands. I commit her to You. Only You know where her soul is. May You save her. …” After this prayer, I remembered the Lord Jesus’ resurrection of Lazarus. The Lord Jesus said, “Lazarus, come forth” (John 11:43). “And he that was dead came forth, bound hand and foot with grave clothes: and his face was bound about with a napkin” (John 11:44). Yes. The Lord could bring Lazarus back to life who had been dead for four days. I believed that He also could save my daughter. Therefore, as I cried out to the Lord in my heart, I kept calling to my daughter. Before long, a man came riding a bike from the opposite direction and when he heard my painful cry, he stopped and took a look at my daughter. He said in a panic, “Your child’s eyes have rolled white and she doesn’t react at all. She seems to not make it. Why don’t you take her to see a doctor?” I replied, “I did that. And we just got here from a clinic.” Hearing this, he said right away, “Please wait here. I go get the doctor.” With that, he rushed toward the clinic by bike. After I heard the man said that my daughter wouldn’t make it, I became even more worried. But I still believed in the Lord’s great power and thought that the Lord could make my child come back to life, so I kept calling on and praying to Him. After a long while, suddenly I heard my daughter reply to me in a low voice. When I heard her voice, I held her and cried tears of joy. I kept thanking the Lord that my daughter could come through.

It had been about more than half an hour from my finding my daughter’s stopping breathing to her coming back to life. From this experience, I saw that the Lord’s words are true and extremely practical, that the Lord is a powerful physician, and that man’s life and death are both in the Lord’s hands. I came to believe even more strongly in my heart that the Lord is my support and refuge.

Not long after my daughter woke back up, the doctor arrived, flustered. I said to him happily, “My daughter has survived. …” Following that, the doctor took us to the clinic and reexamined my daughter. When he saw that she was fine, he said excitedly, “It’s a good thing your daughter has come back to life. She’s been incredibly fortunate! Just now when that man hastily came to tell me your daughter’s death, I even didn’t dare think about how the situation could be like that in just such a short time. It’s great that now she’s made it.”

Through these experiences, I saw the Lord’s wondrous deeds and felt that the Lord is our constant aid and support. Also, these experiences established the foundation of my faith in the Lord and made me have more confidence in Him. As my children gradually grew up, I bore witness to the Lord’s power to them and they all believed in the Lord. Thank the Lord! All the glory be to the Lord, Amen!

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