After My Metrorrhagia …

It was the day of my father’s birthday on November 13th, 1993 according to the lunar calendar. As my father’s house was far away from mine, I allowed plenty of time and took my five-year-old son to have a birthday party for him. However, I made a mistake and the bus passed the right stop so we were still ten or fifteen kilometers away from my father’s house. After a good person gave us a free ride, we still had about eight kilometers to go. Helpless, I had to go forward with my son on my back.

When I reached home, it was already the wee hours and I was exhausted. After putting my son to bed, I fell into the bed beside him. My waist and legs were unbearably painful, and my back and chest were also painful. I felt uncomfortable in my internal organs, with my body seeming to fall apart. I didn’t even have the strength to turn over, finding it difficult to breathe. I felt as if I were a dying man. The pain all over made me unable to sleep and I just lay on the bed with my eyes open. Around three or four in the morning, I felt especially uncomfortable in the lower part of my body, as if an embryo bigger than a fist would come out of my body. I felt nervous all of a sudden, “What’s wrong? I’m not going to give birth. How could I have such a feeling?” Then, with a plop, the blood burst out like water from an opened sluice. I was flustered, immediately taking the tissue bag at the bedhead, opening it and putting the tissues under my body without a second thought. Unexpectedly, the tissues got soaked through within two minutes. Holding the heavy tissues, I felt extremely afraid, “What’s wrong? How could I bleed so much suddenly? Will I die?” I was nervous as well as frightened. I suddenly thought of what my grandma said, that her niece got metrorrhagia and died after her blood ran dry because there was no time for her to be given emergency treatment in the hospital. “My symptoms are the same as what my grandma said. Am I getting metrorrhagia? If so, would I die of it? If I truly died, what would happen to my small son? My husband doesn’t know how to take care of him. Who could take care of him in the future?” As I kept bleeding, I became feeble, felt dizzy and had no strength at all. I felt very helpless about all of this. Worry and fear welled up in my heart. I did not know what to do and how to stop the constant blood. At that time, I thought of Jesus the Savior: Man’s life and death are in God’s hand and now only God can save me. So, I called upon the Lord unceasingly, asking Him to save me.

Afterward, the bleeding continued. Over ten minutes, there was a bucket of blood. I became even more nervous and panicked, “The bucket becomes full in a short time. Am I really going to die? If I died, what would happen to my son? I married at a late age. I gave birth to my only child at 38 years old. We are poor, raising him with difficulty. He is my only concern. If I died, he would be very pitiful. …” While I was thinking, I shed tears incessantly. I knew I could only place reliance on the Lord. I kept calling upon the Lord in my heart, “O Lord! Please save me! Please save me!” At that moment, I thought that Lazarus died for four days and emitted a bad odor but God resurrected him with three words. God has such a great power, so what should I fear? That thought made me comforted and I had hope as if I’d seized a potential lifeline. I called upon the Lord earnestly again, “O Lord! Please save me! Only You are my Savior, my hope and my only reliance. O Lord! Now I will put my life and death into Your hand.” Later, I remembered the woman who was diseased with an issue of blood and who had faith in the Lord. The Lord said to her, “Daughter, be of good comfort; your faith has made you whole” (Matthew 9:22). The Lord’s words gave me faith and I felt I had the hope of survival. I believed in my heart that the Lord’s words are real and trustworthy. This woman who was diseased with an issue of blood for twelve years was cured by the Lord because of her faith in the Lord’s salvation of man. Today I had the same condition as the woman who was diseased with an issue of blood. Although my disease was more serious than hers, yet since the Lord could cure her disease, I believed that the Lord would cure me if I relied on my true faith and put my life and death into His hand.

Understanding this, my worrying heart finally relaxed and I was no longer that nervous and fearful. After the blood soaked through the clothes, I changed them. I repeated this until the dawn. There were no other clothes for me to change. And I had no strength to do it, unable to move and lying on the bed quietly. I was worried that my son would be hungry if he didn’t take breakfast, so I asked him to have breakfast in grandma’s house. But my son didn’t go, and instead he stayed to cook for me. Seeing my son was so thoughtful, I couldn’t help shedding tears, “He is so thoughtful but I do not know whether I can continue accompanying him to grow up. …” Later, I heard my son pour the water into the pan, fetch the firewood and light it. I knew that I would die and I couldn’t keep on. I wanted to ask my son to call someone but I couldn’t open my mouth, so I groaned faintly. My son heard it and asked, “Mom, do you want to drink water?” I didn’t have the ability to answer him but could only shed tears. With my reluctance to part with my son, I called upon God in my heart again, “O God! Will I die now? O Lord! O my God! Please save me! I know my life and death are controlled in Your hand. …” I didn’t know what happened later. When I woke up, I only felt very tired, unable to open my eyes though I wanted to. I just vaguely heard some people talking very noisily inside and outside the room. At that time, I clearly realized that I didn’t die and I was so excited that I shed tears. I knew that it was the Lord’s mightiness that I could escape from the brink of death. I kept thanking the Lord in my heart for His grace. I really wanted to cry out loudly, “My God saved me!” but I failed.
At that time, someone noticed that I had woken up, crying with wonder, “She has woken up! She has woken up!” Then, many people crowded around to see me. My grandma shouted happily, “It is a miracle that she can wake up. She is so lucky! I know this disease is very serious. My niece died of it when she was only just over thirty. There is no time to give emergency treatment to this disease. Many people died after getting this disease.” Then, I heard the doctor say, “It is really good that she can wake up. But she shed so much blood and it will take a period of time for her to recover. If the condition permits, she can receive IV drips in the hospital and will recover more quickly. In a word, you must take care of her well.” At that moment, people inside and outside the room spoke their opinions about me. Some said, “She is so lucky. She can survive after shedding so much blood.” Others said, “It’s really that Heaven is helping you.” But I thanked God from the bottom of my heart. I knew that it is because of the Lord’s love that I could wake up, and it is because of the Lord’s care and protection for me and even more my faith in the Lord that saved me.
As my family was not rich, I didn’t receive IV drips, nor was I hospitalized. My husband returned to work after taking care of me for three days. In the following days, I felt dizzy after I got out of bed and wasn’t steady when walking. However, because I had experienced the Lord’s mightiness, I was filled with faith in the Lord. When I cooked or washed clothes, I always called upon the Lord, asking Him to give me strength. After I made a silent prayer every time, I felt very peaceful in my heart, feeling the Lord was beside me. And my health started improving bit by bit. In this way, I didn’t do heavy work for over a month and finally recovered. When people in my village met me, they all said, “It was dangerous this time! If Heaven didn’t protect you, you would have died.” I knew that it was indeed the Lord’s care and protection and I testified about the Lord’s mightiness to them happily, saying that if the Lord didn’t save me, I would have died.

This narrow escape made me truly feel that there is nothing God’s authority cannot do. Our life and death are in the Lord’s hand. Without the Lord’s permission, even if great misfortune befalls us, it cannot take away our life. At the same time, I also felt that we human beings are so helpless and small before misfortune. Without the Lord’s care and protection, we will lose our life at any time. The Lord is our refuge and strength, our help at any time and in any place during the tribulations. As long as we sincerely rely on Him and live by the words in His mouth, we can see His wonderful deeds. This personal experience allowed me to practically taste the Lord’s love, strengthened my faith in the Lord and encouraged me to follow God forever.

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