God Helped Me in Dire Straits

By Gao Tai

I am a Christian. Since believing in the Lord, I have received a lot of grace from the Lord. Among them, the following one is particularly the most unforgettable for me …

That was midnight. I drove my motor-driven cyclecar, on which were my neighbors, a father and daughter, and their vegetables for sale, to a market. There were few cars on the road at that time. In order to reach the market earlier, I stepped on the gas and accelerated my cyclecar forward. Suddenly I had a sense that something was wrong with my car—it felt that one of its wheels was over the ground, so I quickly slammed on the brakes. However, it was of no avail even though I stepped several times. What was worse, the steering wheel began to get out of my control, and the car began to fishtail on the road. I was very afraid and didn’t know what to do. At that moment, a harsh ray of light straight shone down to me from the opposite direction. I faintly saw it was from a big truck hurrying away toward me. I thought to myself: “Lost! Lost! If the truck bumped into my car, even if I could survive, I would be disabled.” It threatened to hit the big truck, but I suddenly remembered the Lord, and so I hurriedly shouted: “Lord! Help me!”

At that instant, a miraculous thing happened. I felt that an invisible strength turned my car slowly onto the side of the road, and naturally, I fell to the ground. But I did not feel the slightest pain at all, because at the moment the ground felt like a soft sponge. I was stunned all at once and only heard there was someone crying: “Are you OK? Are you OK? …” Then I found that my car was upside-down, and that I was pinned under the car. Hearing the crying, I climbed out, so did my neighbors afterward. Then I saw the big truck that stopped not far away from us. I thought that if my car did not turn over onto the roadside just then, the truck would certainly hit us and send me flying. I knew it was completely the Lord’s protection, so I couldn’t help but keep uttering thanks and praises to the Lord! Having seen that we were all right, the truck driver drove off.

The three of us checked ourselves respectively and asked each other whether they got hurt or not. To our surprise, we found that none of us was hurt. Then I sat on the roadside, reflecting on the scene that had passed. My neighbor said to me: “Previously, I didn’t believe that the God you believe in is real, but today, I have truly seen that without your God’s protection, even if we didn’t die, we would be disabled. You should have good faith in your God in the future.” After hearing what he said, I thought about what the Bible says: “A thousand shall fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come near you” (Psalms 91:7). Thinking of this, I was encouraged by the Lord’s love and resolved to have good faith in the Lord starting from that day!

It was beginning to get light. We collected the vegetables and got ready to load them onto my car and then went back home. But when I saw the overturned car on the roadside, I couldn’t help but worry about it in my heart: It weighs more than one ton and cannot absolutely be righted by the joint strength of us three; what’s more, my neighbor’s daughter is only 16 years old and she does not have much strength. I thus waved my hand to the passing cars and hoped that they could help me, but no one stopped. Accordingly, I said to my neighbors: “Let’s have a try together to see whether we can right it.” We tried several times consecutively, but the car didn’t move. Seeing this, we could not think out any other way right then, and did not know what to do.

At the moment, I suddenly remembered: It was the Lord’s almighty hand that saved us from the edge of danger just now. Since He can save us, isn’t it also in His hand whether the car can be righted or not? Why don’t I rely on Him? Thereupon, I prayed to the Lord: “O Lord! Now my car has turned over on the roadside, we three cannot right it and we don’t know what to do. O Lord! May You help us. I believe that nothing is difficult if we rely on You.”

After praying, I told my neighbors to give it another try. We went up to the car, found us each a proper place, and then I said to them: “I’m going to say ‘one, two, three.’ When I say ‘three,’ let’s exert all our strength together.” When I counted to two, I felt full of a powerful strength all over. Therefore, I put forth my strength and the carriage was lifted to my chest; I continually exerted my strength again and the car was righted. My neighbors felt it was unbelievable, and wondered where my strength came from. But I knew that my strength was given by God, so I thanked God unceasingly in my heart. Then I examined my car and found that neither its body nor its engine was damaged in the slightest. This made me more feel God’s love and care. Thus, we loaded the vegetables and returned home safe and sound.

Through experiencing this matter, I practically tasted that as long as we sincerely trust the Lord and call out to Him when in danger, the Lord will guide and help us as our ever-present reliance! It’s just as the Bible says: “Because you have made Jehovah, which is my refuge, even the most High, your habitation; There shall no evil befall you, neither shall any plague come near your dwelling. For he shall give his angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways” (Psalms 91: 9–11). Thank the Lord. May all glory be to the Lord!

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