God’s Marvelous Salvation in the Dangerous Situation

By Yankai, South Korea
One month before Chinese New Year, 2011, with a lot of things to take care of in my church, I switched shifts with one of my colleagues. This way, I could manage church affairs in the day and work at night.
One night at past 11 p.m., I prayed to God and then went to work on my bicycle. There were very few people and cars on the road. Some stores on either side of the street were still open, poor lights shining through their windows. All of a sudden, a rushing cold wind gave me an icy shudder. Knowing that I would be late for work, I felt a little anxious, so I speeded up.
About four or five meters in front of me was crawling a taxi. Suddenly, a strong light opposite me shone on me, and it was very harsh. Immediately after, I saw a car flying in the direction of me at high speed. At that moment, I became panic-stricken and did not know what to do, thinking, “If it hits me, will I still live?” Thinking this, my heart started thumping. With the car gaining on me, I thrilled with horror and so continuously called to God silently, “O God! Now I’m very scared. I give myself completely into Your hands. May You protect my heart so that I can keep from blaming You no matter if I live or die.” In great anxiety I wanted to ride toward the pavement immediately to avoid the traffic accident, but it was too late. After hearing a loud crash, I flew into the air. My head reeled, my mind a blank. But I subconsciously felt I was as light as a feather, floated and slowly fell through the air.
I did not know how much time had passed by, but in a daze I realized I was still alive. Seeing the headlights blazing, I thought of the scenes often seen in movies that the explosion occurred after car accidents. I feared that that car would also explode, so I instinctively crawled toward the pavement. But after inching forward for several meters with difficulty, I had no strength to go farther. Being extremely nervous and scared, I could not help but start to shake and my lips began to tremble. I wanted to cry for help but I could not. All I could do was to lie sprawled on the ground still. Afterward, I dimly heard someone called the police.
After I was taken to hospital, the doctors examined me. It turned out that I was unharmed, except for my legs and ears aching vaguely because of slight swellings in them. I felt very surprised at that news because I had never thought that I just suffered light injuries in a serious accident like that. The following day, I could leave my bed and slowly walk. After some police came to me to inquire into that accident, they also found what happened to me was inconceivable, and said that I was lucky. In my heart, I actually knew that was all due to God’s care and protection. I offered my thanks and praises to God from my heart.
I later learned that that car had smashed into a cab before hitting me. The cab driver became unrecognizable and got shattered ribs, some of which stuck in his heart, and he died when being taken to hospital. The scene at that time was horrific to look at. I thought back on when I was hit, I did not know how I was knocked flying. It was reasonable to say that, driven by the high impact force of the car, I would either die or be crippled for life. At this thought I could not help but gasp. But I actually survived. It really was God’s great protection.
In the past, when reading the scriptures that the Lord Jesus resurrected Lazarus in the Bible, I could only imagine God’s authority and power according to the letter. But today during my real experience I have truly realized that people’s lives, deaths, fortunes, and misfortunes are all in God’s hands, and are ruled over and administered by God, and that no matter what perils and tribulations we experience, as long as we call on God sincerely, we will gain His care and protection and see His wonderful salvation. Just as the Bible says, “Through the tender mercy of our God; whereby the dayspring from on high has visited us, To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace” (Luke 1:78-79).
God is faithful and dependable, and is our rock and shelter. He is right by our side, supporting and protecting us at every moment. He really does love us so much. I offered my thanks and praises to God from my heart, and resolved to do my best to pursue the truth and do everything I can to serve in the church to repay His immense love.


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