Her First Acquaintance With God

By Bai Jing

A common saying goes, “Man proposes, God disposes.” Indeed, a small thing can stump us in real life. However, it is not difficult for God. Let’s read the author experience of how she “met” God for the first time and accepted His gospel.

A heavy snow was falling outside, yet Xiaoyi was especially fervent. For level two of the Japanese language test she had studied hard for two years, and now she was finally on the train to take the national test, which was annually held in an exam site in every province. Xiaoyi, together with her three classmates, dreamed of their beautiful future all the way without sleepiness. After a while, the train whistled to inform them that they reached the destination. Suddenly, Xiaoyi thought of her ID card, and felt a vague panic. She hurriedly opened her backpack to look for it, and found that it had been really left behind.

For a moment, Xiaoyi did not know what to feel. She, who had started working, placed the hope of changing her fate onto this test. During these two years, she spent her spare time learning Japanese for a year, and then resolutely gave up the job for her devotion to study, without attention to romance or entertainment. Yet now, would all her efforts be in vain? And would her beautiful future vanish like a bubble? She could not be resigned to this, thinking: “I must try hard to save the day.”

When the train entered the station, it was cold and dark outside. After Xiaoyi and her classmates got off the train, she called her uncle in a hurry, nearly crying. He blamed her on the phone in a dreamy voice. After discussing some ways, they decided to have her ID card sent express, and she needed to give a contact address as soon as possible. Xiaoyi thought: It was three days before the test. She and her classmates would look for accommodation and the exam site the first day, get admission tickets the second day, have a rest the third day, and start sitting for the test the fourth day. There were two days left for her express delivery. Normally, she should be able to receive the ID card in time.

Finally, the day broke. Xiaoyi, filled with anxiety, began to look for accommodation with her classmates, for express delivery was not feasible without a contact address. At noon, they eventually found a hotel. Despite hunger and tiredness, Xiaoyi quickly phoned her uncle to tell him the address. After hanging up, she felt a little relieved. However, hardly had she got something to eat when her uncle gave her a call, whose words completely ruined her appetite. Her uncle said, “Because heavy snow was falling here, it has laid nearly knee-deep and all highways here have been closed. So, your express delivery will probably be delayed. Trust to luck.”

At this news, Xiaoyi got into deep water again. She thought: “Am I destined to miss my long-expected test?” At that moment, she felt unprecedented despair. Seeing how hard her parents’ life was because of poverty, she had been trying hard to provide a better life for her families. As the oldest child, she knew her parents could not put both her and her brother through college, so she resolutely gave up. After working several years, she finally decided to take the test. Yet now, she would possibly miss it, because she could not get her admission ticket with no ID card, much less enter the examination room. Maybe she could only take the test next year. At the thought of all this, Xiaoyi could not help crying.

That night, when she looked out at the unfamiliar city, Xiaoyi, sad and helpless, suddenly thought of a Bible verse her mother had read to her, “Commit your way to Jehovah; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass” (Psalms 37:5). Her mother often said to her, “Daughter, remember that only God can rule, orchestrate and determine everything. So, wherever you go, whatever difficulties you encounter, as long as you come before God to pray and rely on Him, He will help you get through difficult times.” Xiaoyi, who believed God exists and supported her mother’s faith in God, always held views such as “One’s destiny is in his own hand,” “creating a beautiful future with one’s own hands,” “Chances always favor the prepared minds,” and so on. Therefore, she thought it was most important to study and work, and she spent all of her time to do that, thus having no time to believe in God. But now, she really felt that the view “One’s destiny is in his own hands” was impractical, for things she was facing now went by contraries and were out of her control. In helplessness, she came before God and prayed in tears, “O the God my mum believes! I’m encountering some difficulties. I forgot to bring my ID card. I’m running out of options. God, please set up a path for me to take. I’m willing to trust in You.” Through constantly praying, gradually her anxious and uneasy heart calmed down a little.

The next day, Xiaoyi’s classmates took her to get admission tickets, yet she held out no hope. All the way, her emotions were quite heavy. Especially when she was queuing up and saw her peers had the chance of realizing their dreams, yet she would lose it, she felt very miserable. In confusion, she thought of the words her mother had said, “As long as we rely on and look up to God in everything, there will be a way out. Because the Lord Jesus said, ‘Therefore I say to you, What things soever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them’ (Mark 11:24).” So, she prayed silently in her heart, “O God, I’m very confused and miserable. I have no idea whether I can get my admission ticket. Please lead and guide me!” Through constantly praying, she became less nervous.

However, when she saw that the ID card was presented and checked before one got his admission ticket, Xiaoyi felt desperate again, thinking: “It’s over. This strict check mustn’t allow me to get the admission ticket.” At that moment, thinking of how prayers had brought her comfort, she repeatedly prayed to God. Just like that, she felt tormented many times during the long wait, but her constant prayers brought her some peace.

When it was Xiaoyi’s turn, a staff said, “May I have your ID card?” “I don’t bring it,” she answered without any hope. To her surprise, the staff passed the admission ticket to her, saying with a smile, “Just bring it when taking the test.” Xiaoyi could not believe this really happened. She felt so excited that she almost jumped up. Meanwhile, she kept thanking God in her heart.

In addition to joy, she thought: “Though I got the admission ticket, I still can’t get access to the examination room with no ID card. When will it arrive?” At the thought of this, Xiaoyi silently called on God for help.

On the early morning of the third day, Xiaoyi was woken up by a call, which brought her the good news of the arrival of her ID card. Her classmates and she all rejoiced at this news. Xiaoyi was clearly aware that God had listened to her prayers and gave her comfort and help all along. Her ID card arrived ahead of time and she could adjust her attitude and prepare for the test the whole day. At that moment, her excitement was beyond words.

Xiaoyi felt God’s great power and sovereignty. In her pain and helplessness, it was God that comforted her anxious and uneasy heart. Also, God arranged everything for her, so that her delivery was not delayed by the heavy snow. From this experience, she saw God’s deeds.

Therefore, after returning home, Xiaoyi accepted God’s gospel. She also started living the church life, and often read God’s words at meetings with the brothers and sisters.

Through this experience, Xiaoyi personally experienced the authority of God’s words. She practically appreciated that it is God who rules everything. There is nothing He cannot do. He is man’s ever-present help. As long as one trusts in and relies on God, there will be a way out. This was how she “met” God for the first time. It was because of this experience that she started walking the path of believing in God and pursuing the truth.

Thank God! All the authority and glory be to the only true God!


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