My One-Year-Old Child Miraculously Survived After Being Run Over by a Vehicle

By Wang Ying

Whenever I see my lively and lovely child now, I’m always overcome with emotion. When thinking about the hair-raising accident that happened to her, I still feel a lingering fear.

My house site was a large pit, and so I employed worketo fill the pit. On the afternoon of the accident, I, holding my baby over one year old, went to the house site near the village entrance and watched to see if everything was done properly.

When we got there, a driver was driving a four-wheeled dump truck that was dumping its load of earth into the pit.

I saw that the clods in the dump box didn’t tumble down, and needed bringing down manually. Then I placed my child far away from the vehicle and told her to stay there. After that, I went to the back of the vehicle and began to bring the clods down with a rake, and meanwhile the driver drove forward slowly now and then.

Over ten minutes later, I put down the rake to see whether my child was still there. I looked over to where she was but didn’t see her. This threw me into a panic and I thought: “Where’s my child? Where’s she gone?”

My eyes searched around but I still didn’t see my child. I then looked near the dump truck, only to find that she had been pressed underneath one wheel of the vehicle. Immediately, my mind reeled, and my legs went soft that I could hardly stand on my feet. I thought: “It’s over! Has my child been crushed to death?” I instantly felt heart-wrenching pain. At that moment, I found that the engine was still running and roaring, which scared me silly. I thought: “My child’s body is under the wheel now. If the vehicle moves forward, I’m afraid her head will….” I dared not think more. My mind exploded, I was very afraid and at a loss what to do.

Because the driver was in the cab, he couldn’t see what was under the wheels and didn’t notice that my child had been run over. Seeing that he was going to drive forward, my heart clenched right away and I cried desperately with a shaking voice, “Reverse! Quick! Reverse! …”

Seeing I was waving my hand madly, the driver quickly backed the vehicle up. Immediately, I strode over to my child and I was shocked by what I saw—she lay prone on the ground motionless as if dead. This really terrified me, and I thought to myself: “How could she be crushed like this? Can she survive? What if she can’t?” I quickly stretched out my trembling hands to raise my child from the ground and picked her up with difficulty, for her entire body was so soft. I saw her eyes were open but she didn’t move. This brought me so much pain and misery. I held her close as I cried, “It’s my fault for not having taken good care of you. This is my fault. If you die, I’d rather end my life too.”

Seeing my child was unmoving, I felt so anxious, as if my heart was going to explode, and remorse, fear and helplessness overcame me all at once. I thought to myself: “Save my child! Got to save her! But it’s already too late to go to the hospital. Who could save her?”

In my despair, I suddenly thought of the Lord Jesus: “Yes! Only the Lord can save my child.” Then I continuously called to the Lord, “O Lord, I beg You to save my child. O Lord, please save her. …”

Despite praying, I still felt very panicky, and couldn’t help but think crazy thoughts: “Will my child survive? Will the Lord save her? What if she can’t come back to life?” However, I really had nowhere to turn, and I could only rely on the Lord. Then I prayed to the Lord again, “O Lord! O Lord! Please save my child! I wish to place her into Your hands. I believe that her life and death are in Your hands and that only You can save her from danger.” Gradually, the panic in my heart subsided. I thought: “When I had my severest headache before, I had no way out but through constantly praying to the Lord, I received His care and protection, and my headache was cured. This has allowed me to witness the Lord’s deeds. In the matter I encountered today, although I have no idea what the Lord will do and how He will guide me though this, yet I know that He is right by my side and is my strong backup. I can’t doubt the Lord and should entrust this matter to Him.”

I then recalled the miracle of the Lord Jesus’ resurrection of Jairus’ daughter. At that time, she had died and many people felt sad for her. However, when the Lord Jesus said just one thing: “Maid, arise” (Luke 8:54), then “her spirit came again, and she arose straightway” (Luke 8:55). This showed me that the Lord Jesus had the authority and power to resurrect the dead and that He was the Creator who controlled man’s life and death. So, I should have faith in the Lord in what was happening to my child. I believed that without the Lord’s permission, no one could take my child’s life. Yet, what should I do then? Was I going to continue sitting here waiting?

I prayed urgently to the Lord, “O Lord, please guide and lead me so that I may know what to do.” After a while, a sister anxiously came running over and said, “I didn’t know why, but when I was at home, I felt anxious and wanted to come out. Hardly had I got to the entryway when I heard that your child was crushed to death. Then I immediately prayed to the Lord, asking Him to save your child.” Hearing that, my heart was very moved and I realized that this was the Lord sending the sister to support me and using this method to give me faith. I felt the comfort and love from the Lord, and appreciated that He was beside me caring for me. This gave me more faith to rely on the Lord.

The sister helped me up and said, “Come on, let’s go to my home.” As I walked, I kept watching my child in my arms and continuously cried out to the Lord in my heart. Miraculously, the moment I entered her courtyard gate, I found that my child’s eyes were moving. I then shouted excitedly, “Oh! My child’s eyes are moving! She’s come back to life!” When I saw my child was saved, the anxiety in my heart lessened. Before long, my child called “Mom,” which finally eased my anxious heart. I couldn’t help blurting out: “Thank the Lord! Thank the Lord Jesus!” Then I quickly touched my child and found that her whole body wasn’t as soft as it had been—I knew she was out of danger.

At that moment, the sister also said excitedly, “Thank the Lord! He has saved your child.”

When I entered her room, I knelt down and prayed, “O Lord, I now really see Your great power—You can raise the dead. I really see Your deeds. O Lord, thank You for using this situation to perfect my faith. My faith is too small—I was worried and afraid that my child would not survive. However, through guiding me to recall Your resurrection of Jairus’ daughter, You dispelled my doubts and helped me have true faith in You. O Lord, I thank and praise You!”

The following day, the sister and I took my child to the hospital for an examination, and the results showed that everything was normal. My child now ran around as before. Seeing all this, I felt incredibly happy and constantly offered up thanks and praise to the Lord. I thought to myself, “If not for the Lord’s wondrous deeds, how could my child run around like now? And who knows what my family would become.”

Afterward, I read Matthew 21:22 where the Lord said: “And all things, whatever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.” Recalling that dangerous situation that had occurred, I became even more certain that the Lord’s words are reliable and are the eternal truth—I had experienced that when praying, we shouldn’t have any doubts about the Lord, and as long as we have faith, the Lord will grant us what we ask for. Through this experience, I came to have a more practical appreciation for the Lord’s authority and power, which became the foundations of my belief in and my pursuit of God. No matter what happens in the future, I won’t be afraid anymore because the Lord is my rock. Even more so, I will follow the Lord earnestly and preach and bear witness for Him to repay His love.

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