The Aftermath of My Son’s and His Wife’s Lives Hanging by a Thread

By Suxing

My son and daughter-in-law suddenly became bedridden.

One day, my youngest son took my husband and me to live with him in the county. When we just arrived at his home, I wanted to have a rest immediately because I felt sleepy due to car sickness. Unexpectedly, he kept urging me to visit my eldest son, Zhiyong. Although not understanding, I still got to my eldest son’s home. It was then noon and, seeing that he and his wife were sleeping, I went over and said something to them but received no reply. Then I went on to ask whether they were ill, and this time my daughter-in-law replied weakly, “No …” At that moment, I felt panic rising in my heart and therefore quickly called my daughter and her husband. When they arrived, my daughter-in-law said, “Brother-in-law, rush Zhiyong to the hospital. He is dying. I’m okay.” Hearing that, my son-in-law and daughter hurried my eldest son to a hospital and had me watch over my daughter-in-law at home.

At midnight, my daughter-in-law suddenly started shouting and rolling her eyes, as if she was going to stop breathing. This threw me into a panic and I didn’t know what to do. I then continually prayed to God in tears, “O God, what can I do? What can I do? Please guide me….” Not knowing how my eldest son was in the hospital and seeing how his wife became like this, I immediately felt like the sky were falling, and I was overwhelmed by pain and misery within. I wanted to go out to get a car, but because I wasn’t a local and didn’t know the area well, I had no idea where to go to find a car so late. I was so nervous that my heart was about to jump out of my chest. In panic, I left the house, walked aimlessly, and kept praying to God in my heart, “O God, my daughter-in-law is about to die. What should I do? I have nothing to rely on other than You. God, whether I can find a car or not, I’m willing to commit it to You.” After praying, I thought of this Bible verse, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1). Instantly, my heart became filled with faith for God, and I believed that nothing was impossible by relying on God. Just then, a sudden thought came to me that my daughter had worked in a nearby steamed bread shop, and so I hastened to ask the shop owner for help. Since it was after midnight, he found it difficult to get a car. I then silently prayed to God, and to my surprise he quickly helped me call a taxi by which my daughter-in-law was sent to the hospital my eldest son was in.

My son and daughter-in-law couldn’t be saved because of severe food poisoning.

When we arrived at the hospital, over ten minutes later my eldest son suddenly began twitching in bed. The doctor hastily asked my daughter-in-law, “What have you bought for eating these days?” “A chicken,” she replied. Then the doctor immediately gave my son a blood test, and finally diagnosed food poisoning from eating a poisoned chicken. Then he told us that the equipment at this hospital was not sufficient, and advised us to quickly transfer my son and daughter-in-law to another hospital to avoid delaying their treatment.

That very night, we rushed my son and daughter-in-law to the provincial hospital, where the doctor quickly began to wash their blood after knowing their conditions. I saw my daughter-in-law’s hands and feet tied. Two big and thick needles were separately stuck into her head and her feet, and the two needles were connected to a long tube, and in the middle of the tube there was a machine. The blood flowed through the machine and back into her body. Seeing my daughter-in-law in such pain, my heart was tied in knots and I had no clue whether she and my son could be saved. I could only constantly pray to God and asked Him for faith and strength so that I could stand firm and not complain against Him for this situation.

I had expected that, after their blood was washed, the toxins in their bodies would be removed and they would be out of danger. However, unexpectedly, my daughter run over and said to me in a broken voice, “Mom, go have one last look at Zhiyong. He’s not gonna make it.” Hearing this, I couldn’t help reeling and my legs went soft. Hurrying upstairs in tears, I saw that the doctor was poking at my son but he didn’t react, like a dead person. The doctor said desperately, “We’ve tried every possible way and even used imported medication, but that still doesn’t work. He is severely poisoned that there is nothing we can do.” Hearing these words, I felt so bad, as if my heart was going to explode, and I then run out in the corridor and burst out crying. I prayed to God in my heart over and over, “O God, my son looks like death. I feel very painful, weak and miserable. It is almost unendurable. God, please protect my heart from blaming You….” After prayer, I thought of Job’s story. When his ten children were crushed in the collapse of his house, he didn’t utter a single word of complaint to God. Instead, he believed that all he had was given to him by God and that whatever was bestowed upon him and taken away from him was controlled by God, and therefore he bent over to praise God’s name in his pain. I had to emulate Job and be a rational created being. When I thought along these lines, I felt much calmer and less upset.

God wondrously guided me in my pain and despair.

Several days later, my eldest son had not yet woken up, and we all thought there was no hope for him. I sank into a state of extreme pain, and so I prayed to God, “O God, is this how my son would leave me? I really can’t bear this. God, what am I to do?” In my despair and helplessness, my husband ran downstairs and said excitedly to me, “Our son still has a chance at survival. These days I’ve been saying prayers to God, and God has heard them. Just now I prayed to God again, ‘O God, only You know whether my son can be cured or not. If he has hope of survival, I beg You to let him move his fingers so that I could know it. If the hospital is unable to save him, I’ll bring him back home and earnestly rely on You to continue with treatment.’ After my prayer, unexpectedly, our son really moved his fingers and even laid his hand on his chest.” Hearing my husband say this, I cried in excitement and said, “God’s deeds are so wondrous! I thought our son couldn’t be saved. I never expected that when we were in the most pain and despair, God stretched out His mighty hand to us. God has been by our side all along, and He has never been far from us. God’s love is so real! God truly is our rock. Thank God!” Because there was no way to save our son in the hospital, we got him discharged and were willing to rely on God to get through this situation.

My son and daughter-in-law were miraculously cured.

After returning home, we got a local doctor. When he came to our house, he lifted my son’s eyelids and examined the man’s eyes, then waved his hand and shook his head, saying, “He’s crashing. Even his eyes don’t move.” I said, “As long as he has but one breath, please make every possible effort to rescue him.” The doctor reluctantly agreed to give my son fluids and said he would see how it went. After my son received an IV drip, I stared at the IV bottle and kept praying to God in my heart, “O God, man’s life and death are under Your control. Whether my son can survive or not is determined by You. I’m willing to entrust him into Your mighty hand and obey You without complaint.” Two minutes later, a miracle occurred: The liquid began to drip down from the IV bottle and gradually flowed quickly, which showed my son’s blood vessels became unblocked. I let out a long sigh of relief and couldn’t help offering up thanks and praise to God, “O God, You are truly omnipotent! It is You who have allowed my son to restore blood flow. When there was no hope and even the doctors said my son was beyond cure, I witnessed Your wondrous deeds by praying and relying on You. Thanks be to You!”

Because my husband and I saw God’s miraculous deeds in my son, we brought his wife back from the hospital and relied on God to continue with treatment. Under God’s care and protection, after ten days my son and daughter-in-law could speak, over a month later they were able to get out of bed, and in less than three months they fully recovered their health. From these experiences I saw that, with God, whatever seems impossible in human eyes is possible, and man’s life and death are under God’s rule. After seeing God’s almightiness and protection, my son and daughter-in-law accepted God’s gospel.

I thanked God’s love.

Later, when we made a claim for damages against the chicken merchant, we were asked to go to the hospital for the relevant certificate. The hospital director saw my son and said in shock, “Wow, it’s you! I never would have imagined that I could see you again. It’s really a great miracle that you have come back to life. At the time, we tried every possible means, using the imported medication and even inviting a famous doctor to treat you, but none of them worked. I never thought that you could be cured. This is really a miracle!” Hearing these words, we again offered up thanks to God.

I thought of how, after my son and daughter-in-law got poisoned, even the doctors in the provincial hospital gave them death sentences, but when my husband and I entrusted their lives to God, we saw God’s wondrous deeds—God saved them from the brink of death. God is so almighty! He is by our side at all times, and as long as we sincerely lean on Him, there is nothing we can’t overcome. Only God is our rock and only God has such authority to save us from the danger of death. After these experiences, I have greater faith in God and have the resolve to fulfill my duty well in the following days to satisfy God and repay His great love.

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