Relying on God, a Green Hand Can Also Become Wise

By Laozhao

Because I had a mind like a sieve, I was incapable of engaging in the work that required me to use my head and I would be hurried when faced with a somewhat complicated job. As a consequence, every time before I looked for a job, I always thought over and over: I want a job that doesn’t need me to use my brain too much, even if I have to expend more effort.
In 2015, I found a job of wholesaling and storing goods in a small food store. I felt the job suited me and so I attended an interview with the attitude of giving it a try. Unexpectedly, when I got to the storehouses, I saw they were filled with various snacks, the kinds of which numbered over two hundred. That scene made me dazzled.
The boss told me, “Our duties are to prepare and pack all the goods according to the order of each supermarket. We must be precise about the type and number of the goods without error.” At the boss’s words, I felt apprehensive about his high requirements, thinking in my heart: This work is too complicated. It’s too strenuous for me to remember these goods, and besides, I have to accurately supply the goods according to the type and number. At the thought of this, it felt like I had a headache. However, it’s not easy to find a job these days. I may first work for several days and then make a decision.
I took the attitude of trying and giving it a chance. After only a few days, I could not stand the job. It was most difficult for me to remember the names of the goods and their positions where they had been placed. There were so many kinds of goods that I always mixed them up. Moreover, sometimes a great many goods were piled up in disorder and I had to rummage around the storehouses for them, so searching for goods was also my difficulty. Some cardboard boxes were laid upside down and I had to tilt my head to see the names on them. When I really couldn’t find the right goods, I would turn to my co-workers. But I was too embarrassed to always ask them for help and afraid that they would get annoyed with me and say I was stupid, so I could only bite the bullet and search by myself, often with sweat pouring down my face. Sometimes I had to rummage around several rooms to find certain kinds of goods. Through a day’s work, the soles of my feet became numb and my legs were painful. After getting home, once I lay in bed, I did not want to get up.
My mental state was constantly being strained every day when I was at work. With my eyes wide open, I concentrated on checking each order, my mouth chanting the goods listed on the orders, in fear of making a mistake. However, the more I was scared of getting things wrong, the more problems that arose. Though I kept murmuring about the goods, I forgot what I would fetch when I arrived at the storehouses; sometimes I only fetched one kind of goods but forgot others. Therefore, I made the most mistakes of any other and was reprimanded by my boss nearly every day. Whenever I was called by the boss, I was afraid with a start.
Undergoing the long-term pressure of work, plus making mistakes frequently, I was weary in body and mind. I felt I was too stupid to be qualified for such meticulous work and I really did not have the confidence to continue the work. At a gathering, I opened my heart to my brothers and sisters, telling them my difficulty.
Then, Sister Wang fellowshiped, “The Bible says, ‘Jehovah is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower’ (Psalms 18:2). ‘I lay in Sion a stumbling stone and rock of offense: and whoever believes on him shall not be ashamed’ (Romans 9:33). Our ability is limited and we are unable to do many things by relying on ourselves, but nothing is difficult for God. Only God is the source of wisdom, and our wisdom and intelligence is from God. If we can receive God’s guidance and leadership, all difficulty will be solved easily.”
As soon as the sister’s voice subsided, Brother Chen said, “Yes, we always do things by our own ability. When things go wrong, we trap ourselves by saying we can’t make it, instead of overcoming the difficulty by faith, God’s words, and the wisdom God gives us. In this environment, if we rely on and look up to God, He’ll be our very present help. As a result, we’ll see God’s deeds and develop true faith in Him. If we often conclude that we’re incapable rather than rely on God practically, we’ll never see God’s wondrous deeds.”
Brother Zhao continued, “Think of when Joshua led the people of Israel back to Canaan. Along the way, they were stranded outside of Jericho, but they were convinced of Jehovah God’s promise. They proceeded without hesitation. When facing difficulty, they didn’t flinch but called out to God urgently and fought by faith. Finally, they conquered Jericho without losing a soldier. Initially when Moses led the people of Israel out of Egypt, before them was the Red Sea and behind them were Egyptian soldiers who chased them, but the Israelites believed in Jehovah God’s great power and His promise. When they called out to God with their true hearts by faith, a miracle happened: A land appeared in the Red Sea and they got rid of the pursuing soldiers. Their faith was built on the foundation of God’s words and thus they saw God’s deeds in the end.”
Hearing their fellowship, I came to understand: I always complain about my foolishness and admire my co-workers’ intelligence, but I’ve never thought of depending on God to overcome my difficulty. All of our wisdom is from God, and He knows my qualities and ability. Since God arranges the work for me, He definitely doesn’t want to give me a hard time. He knows that I have little confidence and that I seldom rely on and look up to Him, so He wants to make up for my deficiencies and allows me to have faith in Him through this environment. Thinking of this, my heart was a lot more enlightened. From then on, I relied on God and committed my difficulty to Him and believed that nothing was difficult for Him.
Accordingly, I began to cooperate with God. I practiced quieting my heart before God and often prayed to Him to lead me. When I practiced relying on God from my heart, I felt neither too tired nor hurried all day, and knew how to do the work little by little. The next day, surprisingly, I was not scolded. Seeing God’s deeds, I was exceedingly delighted inside. After that, I started to draw close to God consciously, asking Him to lead me throughout the day’s work. Sometimes I slipped up on the orders, and God reminded me through others; sometimes when I forgot boxing some goods up, others found it and would tell me, so I could avoid getting things wrong.
Gradually, I made fewer and fewer mistakes. Every day there were people who made mistakes but I was not included. What’s more, my boss began to praise me and let others follow my example. Other employees all said, “It’s strange. Why does he not make mistakes now as he used to?” I knew that it was thanks to God’s leadership and that I was unable to achieve this at all relying on myself. At that time, I changed my attitude toward the work from resisting to cooperating.
Afterward, I saw more of God’s wondrous deeds through relying on God. Also, I knew how to sort out the disorderly goods. In addition, I offered some advice to my boss about how to make the best use of the limited space. As a result, the disorderly goods were gradually placed in an orderly way and the work efficiency was also improved, and my boss was pretty glad about that. I saw the wisdom God gave to man is endless.
One time, we purchased more than two hundred boxes of goods, but there was no room left in the storehouses. Everyone all believed we could not fit these goods into the storehouses and that it was not realistic to rent another storehouse right away, which puzzled all of us. I knew I surely could not solve this problem by my own ability, but I did not complain anymore. Instead, I entrusted the difficulty to God, “O God, I can’t arrange these goods well by my own ability. May You lead me.” After praying, I began to sort out these goods relying on God. Under God’s leadership, I managed to fit these goods into the storehouses unconsciously. After that, I was not really sure how I had put these goods in the storehouses. Through this experience, I saw that there was nothing that we could not overcome by relying on God.
Afterward, my boss specially appointed me to be in charge of the storehouses and I had the final say about how to arrange the goods. Originally, the keys to the storehouses could not be given to any outsider, but nevertheless the boss gave them to me. My boss put such great trust in me, which was the outcome achieved by God’s work in me.
After my experience, I understood God’s will better. Through such work God allowed me to have faith in Him. When I truly relied on Him, God led me by my side and the so-called difficulty was not difficult anymore. From this fact, I was aware: No matter how stupid a person is, as long as he is willing to trust in and rely on God, he, even being a green hand, can also become clever and wise.


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