By Relying on God I Witnessed God’s Work for My Mortally Endangered Husband

By Yaqin, China

One day in May 1990, my husband went to help a relative to build houses first thing in the morning. I was having breakfast at home, when I suddenly heard my neighbor calling me with a fearful voice, “Yaqin, your husband’s fallen from a house frame, he is seriously ill. Go have a look!”

Hearing this, I was stunned: “How come my husband fell? Is he OK?” In my panic, I instantly prayed to the Lord: “O Lord! Please save my husband. I have no one to rely on in this world; I can only rely on You.” I then picked up our savings and rushed toward the place where his accident had occurred. On the way, I met several people who were hauling my husband to the town health clinic in a hand-pulled cart. I saw that there was a wound oozing on the right side of my husband’s head. I then called to him several times, but he made no response. Seeing him lying motionless in the cart like a dead man, my heart broke to pieces. The people around were talking, and someone said, “He’s had a bad fall. Even if he is taken to the hospital, maybe he can’t be saved.” Hearing these words, I felt distressed: “My husband is the backbone of our family. Without him,what am I going to do?” In pain, all I could do was keep praying to the Lord in my heart, “O Lord! Please save my husband. …” After praying, my heart felt a little more peaceful.

When we got to the health clinic, seeing my husband at death’s door, the doctor hurriedly gave him a shot of epinephrine, saying, “You have to take him to the county hospital as soon as possible! This hospital can’t save him. ” However, when we arrived at the county hospital, after seeing my husband’s condition, the doctor told me to transfer him quickly to the provincial hospital. Hearing this, my father-in-law pled pitifully with the doctor to save my husband, but the doctor still refused to treat him. At that time, I felt discouraged and hopeless. In my pain and helplessness, all I could do was come before the Lord and pray, “O Lord! You are my pillar. I’m willing to entrust my husband into Your hands.” After the prayer, I thought of an event that is recorded in the Bible: With one word,the Lord Jesus resurrected Lazarus who had been dead for four days. The thought of the Lord Jesus’ great power gave me faith, and my heart was immediately filled with a firm conviction: We can’t transfer the hospital. So I said to the doctor, “My husband is in such a serious condition. If we transfer him to the other hospital, I’m afraid that he won’t be saved. Just try your best to cure him; for better or worse, I won’t blame you.” Only then did the doctor agree to treat my husband. After I signed a form, the Bible verse came into my mind, “Ah Jehovah GOD! behold, You have made the heaven and the earth by Your great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for You” (Jeremiah 32:17). I became even more certain: Whether or not my husband can survive is in the Lord’s hands. Doctors can only treat people,they can’t control human life. Only the Lord controls man’s life and death. Upon realizing this, I immediately found faith and strength.

During my husband’s hospital stay, he had good days and bad. On good days he seemed able to feel something in his legs—when I touched his legs, his eyelids would flicker slightly, but on bad days he would lie like the dead. I therefore fasted and prayed for him, and gradually he gained feeling in his arms and legs.

My husband remained unconscious for seventeen days, during which time I urgently prayed to the Lord every day. On the eighteenth day, my husband suddenly woke up. I was ecstatic at that moment and kept thanking the Lord in my heart. I knew deep inside that the Lord had heard my prayers and saved my husband from the brink of death. I excitedly said to my husband, “Pray to the Lord. It’s the Lord who saved you.” We then both thanked the Lord.

One day, I helped my husband go out to have a gathering. When we returned to the hospital, the doctor reproached me for taking my husband outside. He then hurriedly showed us my husband’s X-rays and said to me, “Look, his hip is dislocated, hip bones are shattered, and seven or eight ribs are also broken. His brain has been in a mess. Well, luckily the blood that is clotting hasn’t flowed into his brain. Otherwise, there is really no way to save him. Don’t let him walk. Even if he is discharged from the hospital, there’s no telling if he can walk; you mustn’t allow him to move around at home. It will be good enough for him to get about if his health recovers well; if not, he is likely to be paralyzed for the rest of his life.” Hearing the doctor say this, I couldn’t help but feel weak: “If my husband is going to be paralyzed in bed, then how will our family get by in the future? …” The more I thought about this, the more I felt my spirit sank, to the point that I almost didn’t have enough strength to walk. Seeing me in this state, my husband said to me comfortingly, “Have you forgotten? God could bring Lazarus back from the dead. So how could my illness not be in God’s hands? I was so sick; however, the Lord allowed me to come back to life. Nothing is impossible if we rely on the Lord.” Hearing that, I thought, “Yes, whether or not my husband is paralyzed isn’t up to the doctor, it’s up to the Lord. Everything is being controlled by God. My faith in God is so small.” Thinking of this, I gained faith and strength again.

Over 30 days later, seeing my husband’s condition was no better, the doctor advised me to get my husband discharged.

After my husband left the hospital, we began to attend gatherings. We firmly believed that God was our support and that He would protect us so that we could pass through the difficulties. Though my husband couldn’t walk, he could pray and read the Bible. When I saw how he was filled with faith in the Lord, the pressure in my heart was gradually reduced.

Afterward, by relying on the Lord, my husband gradually could walk without a crutch and also became able to work in the fields once again. I felt really excited and grateful when I saw this. I never imagined that my husband who was likely to be paralyzed, according to the doctor, could recover. I really saw the Lord’s great power. After my husband recovered, I went to the gathering places around the county hospital to bear testimony for God. Hearing what I said, the brothers and sisters there spoke in chorus, “It truly is God’s great power.” Six months later, my husband made a full recovery under God’s protection. Seeing how my husband was in better health than ever before, my sister-in-law also began to believe in the Lord.

After this experience, I witnessed the Lord’s great power. It was the Lord’s wondrous deeds that allowed my husband to be saved from the brink of death and avoid being paralyzed. It was the Lord that led me through miserable environments all the way and has given me the faith to walk to this day.

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