Christian Testimony: My 5-Year-Old Son Fell Into a 20-Meter-Deep Well and Was Wonderfully Protected by the Lord

By Chen Moran

In October 1992, not long after I first started believing in the Lord, I often brought my son, who was then four years old, to join the fellowship in the village, and we prayed together every day. Although I went to the church to join the fellowship, I still lacked faith in the Lord in my heart. I had only thirty percent faith and seventy percent doubt. It was not until I saw the power and miraculous deeds of the Lord that I strengthened my faith in God.

It was September 1993 and my husband went to another place to pick cotton. One afternoon I asked my brother-in-law to help me plow the land, and my sister came to help me spread fertilizer. No one helped me take care of my son, so I used a farm cart to pull the fertilizer and let my son sit on the farm cart. There was a well in the east of the field. I used to hear my husband say the well was about 20 meters deep. I was afraid that my son would fall into the well while playing around it so I said to my son, “Just play around here, don’t go far. There is a well not far from the field. If you fall into it, you can’t get out of there and you will never see dad and mom anymore. I’ll come back immediately after I spread the fertilizer. You must remember my words. You’re a good boy.” After repeating myself a couple of times, I saw that my son wanted to sleep. So I laid a mat on the edge of the field and let my son lie down to sleep. I hurried to spread fertilizer.

At about 3:30 pm, I suddenly heard my brother-in-law calling my name loudly, telling me that my son had fallen into the well. When I heard he had fallen into the well, I was shocked, “Why did he fall into the well? What can I do?” I hurriedly threw the basket of fertilizer on the ground and ran to the well to quickly fish my son out. But I thought, “The well is so deep; how can I get my son? If he drowns, how can I live? He was still alive and skipping just now, but disappeared after a while.” I couldn’t bear it and regretted that I didn’t take a rope to tie him to the farm cart, so he wouldn’t fall into the well. Why didn’t I expect it? He was in danger, and it was too late to say anything. At that moment, I was anxiously uncomfortable. In pain, I suddenly remembered that the Lord I believed in was powerful. I ran desperately while calling out to the Lord in my heart: “Lord, my child fell into the well and I am terrified. May You show Your great power. Whether he drowns or not, I can only entrust it to You …” I then remembered what the Lord Jesus said: “Fear not: believe only, and she shall be made whole” (Luke 8:50). “And these signs shall follow them that believe….. They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover” (Mark 16:17–18). These verses recorded that the Lord Jesus did many miracles and wonders among those who trusted Him during His work. The daughter of Jairus, who was in charge of the synagogue, died, but the Lord let her live again with a word. The blind Bartimaeus was able to see the light because of the words spoken by the Lord Jesus. It could be seen that the words spoken by the Lord Jesus have authority and power. Now, my son had fallen into the well. My only hope was to rely on and look up to the Lord, believing that the Lord’s words are powerful and will show their ability to rescue my son. After receiving the comfort of the Lord’s words, I had confidence in my heart, and became less afraid, and ran to the well. My brother-in-law hurriedly left the well and called for someone to help. I squatted down directly, pressed the edge of the well with both hands, stretched out my neck, and looked down. I saw that the water in the well was calm. I couldn’t help but yell in my heart: “My dear, Are you here? Why can’t Mom see you?” At this moment, my heart was very painful. My son was nowhere to be seen in the well. My son had been in the well for such a long time, would he drown if he drank a full stomach of water? But he hadn’t floated up yet. I didn’t know if he was dead or alive in the well. Did my son really fall into the well? I couldn’t find him around anywhere so i was one hundred percent sure that my son had fallen into the well. At this moment, I was watching and hoping that my son could get out of the water. I was so anxious that I prayed to the Lord over and over again and kept yelling: “Son, come out, don’t scare your mother. You must be safe. If you are gone, mom will not survive. Son, come out and let me see you.” Just as I was anxious and helpless, I remembered that Lazarus had been dead for four days, and the body stank, but the Lord Jesus raised him again. Today, whether my son was dead or alive was also in the hands of God. At this time, I had faith in the Lord, and I prayed to Him again in my heart: “Lord! The life of my son is in Your hands. I believe in Your great power.” After praying, I suddenly saw the top of my son’s head surfaced. I was very excited. I was pleased that he had not drowned. The Lord showed me hope, and it was God who answered my prayer. But in an instant, I saw his head sink, and I was anxious again. I hurriedly prayed to the Lord: “Lord, his head sank after being exposed in the well. What should I do? I can do nothing but rely on You. If he can be rescued from the well, I’ll follow you firmly.”

A few seconds after praying, my son’s head came out of the water and then sank again. I was alone by the well, and there was no rope beside me. I felt helpless, and my heart thumped quickly. I was talking to myself: “It’s over. My son won’t be able to live. There is no hope …” I wished I would jump down in the well to accompany my son, but the diameter of the well was about 90 centimeters. What if I jumped down and hit my son? I couldn’t jump. I had to rely on and look up to God. At that time, I panicked and prayed eagerly: “Lord, my son sank again. He may not be able to live. I am so scared. I can only rely on and look up to You. May You guard my heart.”

At this moment, I suddenly saw my son stand in the well and wipe the water off his face with two small hands, shouting: “Mom, pass me a rope to pull me up. There are frogs and snakes in the well.” I was excited, and I said: “Okay, son, don’t be afraid. I’ll find the rope for you!” At this moment, my sister ran over and said to him: “Don’t be afraid, I will hand you the rope quickly!” After that, my sister hurriedly went to the farm cart to untie the rope and said to me: “Sister, the rope on the cart is not long enough. How about we use our trouser belts and tie them together?” I said, “Okay!” My sister and I tied the rope together and kept consoling my son. I saw that he was not crying or afraid in the well. I kept thanking and praising God in my heart. At this time, seven or eight people who were sowing around heard my brother-in-law’s shout, and they all rushed to the well with ropes. Everyone felt weird when they saw that my son was standing in the well and said one after one: “This child is so lucky. This well is so deep but he can still stand in the well.” … They hurriedly tied the connected rope to my cousin’s body while they were talking. My cousin went down to the well, wrapped the rope around my son, and then picked up my son. Several people pulled them up from the well. After pulling them up, I hurriedly hugged my son, shedding tears with joy.

When I got home, I changed my son’s clothes and asked him, “In the well, were you afraid?” My son shook his head and said, “I was not afraid.” “Did you drink water?” He shook his head again and spoke with blinking eyes, “I didn’t drink it.” Then he gestured with his little hand, said: “Just a sip.” I asked again: “The well is so deep; how could you get out of the water and stand in the well?” He said: “The Lord’s hands were holding me, and I felt like standing on a board.” Listening to his words, I understood in my heart that it was the Lord secretly helping him and the Lord’s hands holding him. When I was on the way back to the field after taking care of my son, I could not help but think of what was recorded in the scriptures: When Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, he was chased by Egyptian Pharaohs to the Red Sea. At this time of crisis, Moses prayed to Jehovah God for help, and Jehovah God appeared to Moses and said to him: “But lift you up your rod, and stretch out your hand over the sea, and divide it: and the children of Israel shall go on dry ground through the middle of the sea” (Exodus 14:16) As soon as the words of Jehovah God came out, it was done. The sea formed walls of water on the left and right sides, exposing dry ground. Moses and the Israelites walked on the dry ground by faith and safely escaped the Egyptian Pharaoh’s pursuit. Who could make the sea into walls of water and expose the dry land? Only God had such power, and God’s words did carry authority and power. Today, my son fell into the well and did not drown. It is also the power of the Lord. The Lord gave my son a second life. Through the incident of my son falling into the well, the Lord allowed me to witness His miraculous deeds with my own eyes. At the same time, it increased my true faith in the Lord and made me realize that God is always watching over those who believe in and follow Him. He is right by our side, and He is practical and real.

In the evening, I came before God with a grateful and guilty heart and prayed: “Lord, I have believed in you for more than half a year, but I was still doubting. Today it’s You who demonstrated Your power to rescue my son from the well and let me see Your wonderful deeds. I believe that You are truly a true and living God. From now on, I’ll no longer doubt. I will stay close to You and believe in You.”

On the third morning, when I came back from the field and walked to the village entrance, I met a few women. They saw me and one of them said: “Your son fell into the well and did not drown. It is so lucky.” Another said, “The well is deep. How could your son stand in the well?” I was very excited and happily said, “My son’s head surfaced twice, but he sank again without showing his face. I also thought that he would float up after drinking a full stomach of water and could not survive. I didn’t expect that he would still stand in the middle of the well, call me and let me hand him a rope to pull him up. It is the God I believe in helping me.” Hearing what I said, some of them said: “The Lord you believe in is the true God!” Some said: “You believe in the Lord well.” I was ashamed to hear those words. I knew so well that I didn’t have true faith in God. I smiled and said, “It’s not that I believe well. It’s that God is good and powerful.”

Through this incident, I have new knowledge and understanding of the Lord. Since then, my confidence has increased, and I no longer doubt the Lord. I believe that the Lord Jesus is the appearance of the Creator. He has authority and power and can give people life, just as the Lord Jesus said: “I am the resurrection, and the life” (John 11:25) This experience has strengthened my confidence. I am willing to follow and worship the Lord throughout my life. Amen!

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