The Marvelous Salvation in a Snowstorm

By Chengyi, Sweden

One day on December 2012, after preaching the gospel, I was driving home along a rugged and narrow country lane, which was about five meters wide. To the right of it was thick woods, which were below the lane level by at least two meters and there were many big stones on the slope. Just then, the level 3 red blizzard warning was heard on the car’s radio. I thought: The lane has iced up, so the car can skid easily; in addition, it is dark and there are no lights on the lane; if the snowstorm really comes, I really don’t know what will happen. I was so nervous that my heart rose to my throat.
It was snowing more heavily than ever and the wind was blowing harder and harder. A tree by the roadside, at least six or seven meters tall, had been blown down; I became more afraid. I only hoped that I could drive out of the lane as soon as possible; then I would be safe. Nonetheless, I knew, on such a lane, if the steering wheel was turned somewhat quickly, the tires would skid; by inertia, the car would easily rush out of the lane and possibly hit big stones and trees; moreover, if I couldn’t cope with driving, the car was liable to overturning. Thinking about these consequences, my heart felt afraid. I held the steering wheel tight fearing that my car skidding would lead to an accident. My hands were sweating and I was praying to God unceasingly in my heart.
Large snowflakes kept beating the windshield, which blurred my vision. Even though the high beams were turned on, the visibility was down to less than two meters. All of a sudden a car came toward my car. When I took notice of it, it was already less than two meters away from my car. Immediately, I was in a fluster, not knowing in what direction I should turn the steering wheel. The headlights of the opposite car flashed into my eyes and I couldn’t see for a moment. After I regained my vision, I realized we were going to knock into each other. At the moment, my only choice was to turn sharply right. So, after I turned the steering wheel fully to the right, my car rushed fast toward the woods below, speeding down the slope. At that time, my mind went blank. I tightly grasped the steering wheel that was out of control. My hands ached because of being shaken by the car. In extreme danger, I called out to God desperately in my heart: Oh God! Oh God! Help me! Only at that time did I find that I was stepping on the gas the whole time; that is, I was speeding up my car all the way. No wonder that it rushed downward so fast. It appeared as if there was little possibility of my survival. I could see nothing outside for the whole windshield was covered with snow. It was continuing moving forward. I could do nothing except call out to God. Then something seemed to have hung onto my car. It was slowing. I seemed to be driving on the soft cotton. Later, it ran more and more slowly and at last, it stopped.
After that, I unfastened my safety belt, only to find that my legs were so weak that I couldn’t stand up. I attempted to open the car door with my hands, but it seemed to be blocked by something. No matter how hard I pushed it, it was in vain. The temperature at night was at least ten degrees centigrade below zero. I thought to myself: It is very cold. If I couldn’t get out, I would freeze to death. Thinking that only God is my refuge, I thus cried out to Him and asked Him to give me strength and faith. After my prayer, my heart gradually calmed down.
I tried getting out through other doors, but they couldn’t be opened, either. At that moment, I suddenly thought of my small size. Yes. I could climb out through the car windows. So I found a window where snow didn’t lie thick, opened it and climbed out. Only after going out did I know that my car had rushed into a large snowdrift about three meters thick and had been covered by snow. Standing in the road, no one could discover my car.
That car owner, whose car almost hit mine, helped me call the police. With the help of the rescuers, I walked to the roadside. They said that the speed of my car was very fast judging by the tyre marks and that, when such an accident happened, the driver would receive internal injuries and fractures. They asked me whether I was in need of an examination in the hospital. But I felt I was well and didn’t need to go to the hospital. Later, my car was dragged out of the snowdrift and they helped examine it. Not only was there nothing wrong with my car, but there were no scratches on its appearance. I was full of gratitude toward God in my heart, so I kept thanking God!
After getting home, I shared my own experience with my brothers and sisters. They all thanked God and said that this is really God’s marvelous protection. It is written in the Bible, “And he said, JehovahThe LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; The God of my rock; in him will I trust: he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge” (2 Samuel 22:2–-3). Through this practical experience, I understood that God rules over and controls everything, and that it was because of God’s care and protection that I could get out of the jaws of danger. I thought back to when I was at a loss in danger; God led me to walk out of the plights and saved my life when I called out and prayed to Him. God had prepared a three-meter thick snowdrift to prevent my speeding car from hurting me; when I was in danger of being frozen to death, God arranged the car owner to help me call the police. All these couldn’t be imagined by me, neither could I forecast them. All these were governed and painstakingly arranged by God. From that, I saw God’s marvelous deeds with my own eyes, appreciated that His authority is everywhere, and appreciated that God’s love and protection for me is real.
Afterward, that potential believer heard my experience and said, “You were too lucky. That was really God’s protection for you. I am also willing to accept the Lord’s gospel.” At her words, I was very touched. I had never imagined that my experience would help her also feel God’s marvelous deeds and accept the Lord’s gospel. My heart was full of thanks. Praise the Lord!


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